Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Zaky Pillow: Helpful Baby Product for Busy Moms

Touch is considered essential in giving sensory nourishment for newborn babies. The warmth of a mother's touch brings strong emotional attachments and contributes to the infants' healthy development. But the modernity of life brings out a struggle for busy moms to juggle between the cuddle time with their little angels and their active schedules. Now there is a solution to this problem. There is a baby product that's especially made to come in handy with these situations. Introducing, the Zaky infant pillow, it is designed not only to give satisfaction and comfort to infant needs; but also provide mothers less tension on losing their bond with their babies.

Successfully used since 2001, the Zaky pillow was created by Yamile Cendales Jackson (2000 Phd IE). Its creation began when Dr. Jackson gave birth to her son Zachary. Since baby Zachary was born 12 weeks premature and only weighed 15 ounces, he had to be confined at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit; a place where human contact is limited. Because of this, Dr. Jackson created an ergonomic pillow to somehow connect with her baby and comfort him while she is away from the hospital. As expected, the pillow contributed much to the progress of baby Zachary's recovery, making him healthy enough to be taken out of the hospital.

Dr. Jackson was so pleased with the outcome of her creation that she made more of the said pillows and called it "the Zaky" (named after her son Zachary). As the Zaky's effective bonding features was made known to the public, not only did its distribution increased worldwide, but its services as well.The Zaky pillow's beneficial use expands from being a comforting pillow for premature infants, to becoming a bonding pillow between babies and their busy moms.

The Zaky infant pillow is highly recommended for working mothers who leave their babies to someone they trust (nannies, baby facilities or a relative), while they go on with their jobs. It is so because the Zaky has unique features that make babies feel the presence of their moms even if they are not with them. The Zaky is structured to simulate how the mothers' hand and forearm feels, as well as the size, shape, and scent. How is it possible? Well let's go over with the unique features of the Zaky and find out.

Shaped like a normal human upper extremity, the Zaky is made of 100% durable soft fleece and Polyester lining, which is hypo-allergenic and ultimately safe for baby's sensitive skin. It weighs the same as a woman's medium sized hand and forearm (1.2 pounds), a load considered safe for babies as light as 1.4 Lbs.

The weight of the Zaky can be controlled through its anti-bacterial pellet fillings; by shifting the amount of pellets from the hand to forearm area of the pillow or vice versa, an appropriate load is provided to fit the baby's size and necessity. The plastic pellet fillings also allow ventilation on the Zaky pillow, making it easier to accommodate with the baby's positions. It is safe to place it around the baby (except of course anywhere near the face) and the Zaky is also excellent in providing support on the baby's body especially the spine.

Another unique feature of the Zaky is it can smell like the original scent of the mother. It is possible by placing the Zaky on top of the mothers' chest overnight or at the back of the neck for a couple of hours. If the mother is into wearing perfume, a tiny squirt of that scent will also be helpful. After doing any of this method, the Zaky will provide a familiar aroma, making the baby feel calm as if mom never left his/her side. This is of course applicable to dads as well, especially to those who travel a lot. And as for grandparents, who live far away and want to be close with the baby, they can send their own Zaky pillows too with their scents on it.

On cold weathers, Zaky pillows can be of good service in providing heat to babies. By placing the Zaky pillow in the dryer for a few minutes, it will provide warmth that the baby needs. Just be sure to check the degree of hotness of the Zaky before placing it near the infant. If wanting to support the infant with the Zaky on a stroller or a swing, place it in an angle that's comfortable for the baby. Since the baby is sitting upright, put two Zaky pillows on both sides. This position prevents the baby from falling over on either sides and also provides proper alignment to the spine.

There are important things to remember when using Zaky Pillows. Since infants are primarily involved, it should be handled with careful supervision. When babies sleep they try to change positions, so be cautious enough to check if the Zaky is still on its proper place. Make certain that the Zaky is not anywhere near the infants' face to avoid interference in breathing. The Zaky is equipped with durable linings that don't easily wear out or rip. But if in an instance where there's a noticeable tear on the lining or any part of the Zaky, discard it right away for safety purposes. It won't hurt buying another new Zaky pillow for the sake of the infants' comfort.

Another significant point to consider is that, the Zaky should not be shared among babies - for sanitary purposes and to avert contamination. And talking of sanitation, the Zaky is a pillow that's washable. It comes with a washing bag to prevent the Zaky from wearing off when lapped clean by hand or by a machine. When inside a washer, the Zaky must be washed with warm water, and low heat must be applied when using a dryer.

Zaky pillows are usually for 0-8 months old infants, but can also be used on older babies especially when they are not with their moms. It's been used by some hospitals to both full-term and premature babies. And the Zaky is helpful for special cases like sick infants at Neonatal Intensive Care Units, where contact on babies are limited. If in a situation where the Zaky is to be used on a sick baby at home, be sure to consult the doctor first before taking action.

All in all, the Zaky has beneficial contributions to both babies and mothers. The Zaky is even of great help for people who assists in caring for babies. There is less stress for caregivers, babysitters, nannies, etc when the baby is being at ease and calm. And as for busy moms, the Zaky is the best solution in compensating for their absence. With its simulative features that mimic the scent, size, and touch of a mothers' hand and forearm, the Zaky makes a working mom feel as if she never left her baby. It's like she is there the whole time, being involved with the care of her young.

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