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What Do Moles Mean: The Science of Moleosophy

We all are familiar of moles. A small permanent and pigmented bulge located
anywhere in the body. Moles can either be attractive or harmful, so people have mixed reaction towards it. Some may opt to let the mole stay on its spot, while others have their moles removed surgically.

Back in the olden days, moles on the body are known to carry it's own meaning. And just as palms are read by its lines, moles can be read too. The art of reading body moles is called Moleosophy. A form of divination that studies the size, shape, color and placement of moles to foretell a persons life in general- from personal characteristics and love life, to luck and misfortunes.

Before discussing what moles mean by its location, let us first talk about what the features of moles may signify:

*Size wise, moles that are round reveal good personality and disposition; also signify good awareness and responsiveness on both home and family life. Oblong or oval shaped moles suggests substantial wealth and great accomplishments when it comes to business issues. And lastly, angular moles depict the existence of both positive and negative characteristics in a person.

*As for mole coloration, light colored moles signify luck. Dark/black moles designate success but only after overcoming a number of obstacles. Reddish colored moles denote patience especially in the field of teaching. And light brown or yellowish moles reveal an innate talent in writing, poetry, and music.

Now lets proceed as to what moles signify basing on its location.

Head to Neck Areas:

Forehead moles depict happiness in life for men and happiness in marriage for women; and signify success in financial independence and a carefree life for both. Mole on the right side of the forehead reveals a gifted individual with eminent abilities and a successful future life. Left side reveals a strong and determined nature, good with money management but is extravagant at the same time.

Eyebrow moles on the right side reflects an active lifestyle, successful love life and a very determined individual who does not surrender right away in spite of discouragement-- which in turn makes him/her successful in life. Mole located on the left side reveals laziness, selfishness, and may experience poverty in later life but could be avoided by hard work.

Ear moles reveal thoughtfulness to others and generally lucky with money, fame and friendship matters; also signify someone who care less of whatever consequences, making him/her a risk taker.

Nose moles on the right side reveals a lover of nature and this individual has huge passion for traveling- that he/she roams from place to place aimlessly with no fixed destination. Moles located at the tip of the nose reflect a person who lacks self-discipline every now and then, but is a faithful friend; also suggests luck when it comes to financial and business matters. Left side moles suggests a person who has changeable characteristics and he/she easily adapts to what is going on with his/her surroundings.

Cheek moles on the right area depict an attractive and flirty individual with a happy married life. Left area reveals a serious type of person who is devoted on his/her goal and is very studious. Moles on Both cheeks suggest less interest in material wealth and will be successful in life but can only be achieved with hard work.

Lip moles on the upper area denotes a go-getter who is envious with others' success-- which drives him/her in accomplishing a particular goal, to bring himself/herself ahead. It may also signify greediness but with the same level of generosity as well. Lower lip mole reveals a quiet, driven, and serious individual who will be successful in later life.

Tongue moles signify success when it comes to education and accomplishing goals.

Jaw moles suggest a person to be cautious of health, and to some short-lived interruptions of his/her career.

Chin moles reveal good qualities and conscientiousness that will make him/her successful in the field of politics. It also reflects the passion for traveling to other countries and be acquainted with various cultures.

Neck moles on the front part portend an experience of a "roller coaster" kind of life with an unexpected good fortune in the end. Also reflects an individual who is blessed with supportive friends. Moles on either side of the neck suggest someone with an absurd personality. Back part suggests a person who is longing to live a simple life; also a hard worker but other people will be credited from it instead of him/her.

Throat moles
signify sympathetic traits and imaginative minds, making him/her artistic.

Shoulder to Hip Areas:

Shoulder moles on the right side reveals a person who is prudently watchful with his/her life in general, suave in nature, a diligent worker, and is a very faithful marriage partner. Mole on the left side suggests someone who is self-satisfied and is easily contented of what life may offer.

Chest moles depict struggles in life, financial problems, and lack of peace of mind.

Breast moles on the right part reflect someone who is habitually lazy, has a desire of luxurious and abundant lifestyle, to which he/she may experience depressive moments. Left breast mole reveals a person who is always on the go, very determined and successful in achieving his/her goals especially in acquiring properties and wealth.

Nipple moles for men indicate fickle mindedness and are apprehensive on events that do not even exist in present life. For women, it signifies a constant desire for higher social position or acceptance from the society she is in.With moles on the rib areas, the ones on the right side reveal someone who is insensitive, can be conceited at times, but is a loyal and truthful friend. Moles on the left side depict a spiritual person who shows strong persistence in adhering or seeking something he/she desires.

Moles on the abdomen may signify a lazy, greedy, self-centered, and sloppy individual.

Belly button or navel moles in men may reveal good fortune and luck that can be gained by hard work; wealth may also come from an inheritance. For women, it means a strong desire for bearing children.

Hip moles suggest a person who has the ability of handling situations by any means or ways possible, full of energy, brave, and is/may be blessed with healthy children.

Moles on the back reveal someone who is willing to do hard work for others; Romantic and money-oriented but may have hidden issues regarding these matters, so be watchful.

Armpit moles located on the right may denote a warning to the person who has it, to be watchful especially with matters of security. Mole on the left denotes a life of turmoil during the early years, but his/her sacrifices will soon be reimbursed with happiness and contentment in later life.

Mole on the arms suggests a civil and determined person with a happy married life. If the mole is located near the elbow, it signifies work-related problems for women; and for men, it may mean a inehard life and a tendency to become an early widower.

Hand moles on the right area reveal a person who is economical and is good with handling money, which makes him/her successful with any business venture. Mole on the left side shows a person who will be successful in using his/her artistic talent. If moles are located on the fingers, it may denote dishonesty and ability to overstate or make-up details in a story.

Genital to feet Areas:

Mole on the genital located at the bottom part reveals a genuine lover who is good in dealing with matters of love. Moles that are on the right side suggest an adventurous lifestyle and a lover of nature. Left side depicts a flexible personality and can be unreliable at times. If moles are near the groin area, those on the right may mean a promising life in the future but must be watchful with his/her health. Moles on the left groin depict a warning to be cautious with ones health, being reckless may lead to serious illness.

Mole on the Buttocks may reveal someone who lacks ambition and is too easygoing.

Thigh Moles on the right part indicate success when it comes to an economic well being, but may experience enfeeblement or illness along the way. Left side reveals a humane person who may undergo loneliness and a life of injustice.

Moles on the Knee located on the right reflect an accommodating and dependable person with a successful married life. Left side may indicate a prodigal and spontaneous individual with a good sense in business.

Moles on the right foot signify a convivial person who loves to travel and is into keeping oneself fit. Those on the left side reveal a silent-type individual who is intelligent and considerate.

Moles located on the heel may indicate someone who is full of energy in both physical and mental aspect; this person also has the tendency to cause others to be jealous or envious of his/her ways, which makes him/her prone to enemies and losing friends.

These interpretations are just one of the many views about what moles may mean.There are more intuitive perceptions of moles that may provide an insight about an individual's personality or fate. Believable or dubious, it doesn't matter. It's just somehow interesting to find out what lies behind the marks on our bodies.


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It's a great article!
I do have a question, although...when you say "the right side" do you mean the viewer's side or the owner of the mole?
I have a eyebrow mole on my right side, by the way))

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